Terms and conditions of use and services

These general terms and conditions of use and services (hereinafter the “CGU-CGS”) are offered by Le Connecteur, a société par actions simplifiée (simplified joint-stock company) with capital of 13,519,843 euros, registered in the Pau Trade and Companies Register under number 883 661 373. of Pau under number 883 661 373, whose head office is located at 121, chemin de Devèzes – 64121 Serres-Castet, and which has a secondary establishment located at 45-47 avenue du Président J. F. Kennedy – 64200 Biarritz registered under number SIRET 883 661 373 00025, code NAF 8299Z (hereinafter “Le Connecteur”).


Le Connecteur carries out, among other things, a coworking activity and, as such, offers premises containing private and shared workspaces, privatizable meeting rooms, and associated services (described in full on its website at https://www.leconnecteur-biarritz.fr), designed to free entrepreneurs from the constraints associated with carrying out their entrepreneurial activities and housing their business (excluding domiciliation) (hereinafter the “Services”).

In addition, Le Connecteur benefits from a prefectoral approval for the domiciliation of companies, a service not contemplated by the present, which is necessarily the subject of a specific complementary contract.

The premises which are the subject of these general terms and conditions of use and services are located at 45- 47, avenue du Président J. F. Kennedy, 64200 Biarritz (hereinafter the “Premises”).

These general terms and conditions of use and services are intended for the use of the premises and/or Services offered by Le Connecteur (hereinafter the “User”). They define the rules governing the contractual relationship between Le Connecteur and the User.

The Premises are accessible to any natural person of legal age approved by the Connector, whatever their status (professional, employee, civil servant, student, self-employed entrepreneur, etc.) carrying on a lawful activity, necessarily apolitical and non-religious, not exposed to risk within the meaning of international and national regulations, after acceptance of these conditions also by the legal entity on which they depend, if applicable.

In addition, Le Connecteur provides the User with its website, accessible at leconnecteur-biarritz.fr, as well as its application available on mobile and web media, in particular to enable subscription to and payment for the services offered via a dedicated platform.


Any use of the services offered by Le Connecteur is subject to the User’s prior acknowledgement and unreserved acceptance of the present CGU-CGS, including all appendices, i.e. the internal regulations, the safety instructions for the Premises, and to the Connecteur’s approval of the User’s activity, as well as to the certificate relating to image rights provided by Le Connecteur. This last document (Appendix V) must be returned to Service Coworking at [email protected] for the User and each of his employees.

Any order for Services implies the User’s acceptance of these general terms and conditions of sale and of the general terms and conditions of use of Le Connecteur’s website for electronic orders.

Having read them, the User undertakes to comply fully with the CGU-CGS and the documents referred to therein (internal regulations, safety instructions, rates for Services, etc.).

Each User who has accepted the provisions of the GCU-CGS also accepts that measures may be taken against him/her in the event of non-compliance with any of the rules set out in the GCU-CGS and/or related documents.

Le Connecteur reserves the right to modify its CGU-CGS at any time, in order to adapt the content of its services in particular, or to comply with changes in applicable regulations.

The User will be informed by Le Connecteur, by any written means, of any modifications made to the CGU-CGS. These modifications will only be enforceable against the User after a notice period of one month from the date on which the new terms and conditions are sent to the User, during which the User may contest them and, where applicable, terminate his subscription to the Services by giving the one-month notice provided for herein. If you fail to do so, you will be deemed to have accepted without reservation the updating of these terms and conditions, which you expressly accept.


The various services offered as part of Le Connecteur’s coworking activity are available in the appendix hereto as well as on Le Connecteur’s Internet Site and may be subscribed to by a user according to the terms and conditions described herein.

To access his workspaces and the services offered by Le Connecteur in the Premises during the opening and closing hours stipulated in the Internal Regulations, the User chooses the nature of his subscription from among the various Service offers as described in the appendix hereto and in the catalog of offers, available for download from Le Connecteur’s Internet Site.

The User also has access to the meeting rooms available at the rates in effect for Users, open for rental to legal entities or individuals who are not residents of Le Connecteur.

These offers, which are subject to the present general terms and conditions, also include a set of services, included or in addition, listed in the appendix hereto but also accessible on Le Connecteur’s Internet Site.

Meeting room reservation and printing credits are accumulated and pooled for Users from the same company. They cannot be carried over or reimbursed from one month to the next.


Access to the services offered by Le Connecteur is reserved for duly identified persons, in compliance with the regulations (cf. Article 14), benefiting from an active current subscription, and being up to date with their payments, or for those who have effectively subscribed to paid access to one or other of the spaces offered for rental (e.g.: meeting rooms, creative rooms, auditorium, etc.) and/or services offered by Le Connecteur.

4.1 Subscription

Subscriptions, offers and other options may be taken out with the Connector’s sales department by contacting any member of the department at [email protected], by telephone or in person at the premises.

Some offers are also available and can be booked on the Connecteur website at https://www.leconnecteur-biarritz.fr.

4.2 Duration and rates

Subscriptions are taken out for an indefinite period. However, a minimum commitment period is required to ensure the smooth running of the site and the workstations. The commitment relating to the Fixed Station is for 3 months from the date of signature of this agreement and the commitment relating to the Closed Office is for 6 months from the date of signature of this agreement. They are billed monthly, on the 28th day of each month, for periods running from the first to the last day of each month.

In the event of early termination by Le Connecteur, the User will be invoiced prorata temporis on the date of return of all his access tools to the Premises, after accounting for the month’s notice due to Le Connecteur.

In the event of termination of the subscription due to a breach of these terms and conditions by the User, any month started will be due.

Subscription rates are appended to these CGU-CGS and can be consulted on Le Connecteur’s website. They are subject to change on January1st of each year or during the year depending on the commercial development of Le Connecteur’s services.

4.3 Revision of rates/prices

The prices of services and subscriptions may be subject to automatic revision by Le Connecteur.

on January1st of each year based on the inflation rate recorded in France during the previous year or, at any time, according to any commercial evolutions of the offers proposed by Le Connecteur.

4.4 Termination at the User’s initiative

Unless specifically agreed at the time of subscription and mentioned on the signed quotation, the User may cancel his subscription at any time. The User shall formulate the request via a form provided for this purpose or by email sent to: [email protected] with acknowledgement of receipt justifying that the Le Connecteur team has taken the User’s request into account.

The effective date of termination is subject to a minimum notice period of ONE (1) month from receipt with acknowledgement of the User’s request by Le Connecteur’s team.

4.5 Termination at the initiative of Le Connecteur

The Connector reserves the right to terminate a User’s subscription with ONE (1) month’s notice (except in the cases set out below). This termination will be notified to the User by email to the contact address provided by the User or by any other means with a definite date (registered mail, bailiff’s deed, etc.). It is specified that any monthly instalment started will be due.

The above-mentioned notice period will not apply, and will result in immediate termination of the subscription, in the following cases:

  • Infringement by the User of the provisions of clause 14 below;
  • Insolvency of the User, in particular in the case of legal protection, receivership or liquidation, cessation of activity, striking off the register of the court, dissolution, and non-payment of monthly instalments and late-payment surcharges, despite formal notice sent by Le Connecteur and/or without regularization within the deadlines recalled in article 6.4;
  • Non-compliance by the User with the obligations, prohibitions, rules of safety and good manners detailed in the Internal Rules and Regulations without the User having effectively rectified the situation within eight (8) working days following the date on which Le Connecteur sends a notification (e-mail) or the date on which a bailiff or registered letter requesting rectification is deposited;
  • Any conduct that endangers the safety of persons or property on the Premises and/or violates the attached safety instructions;
  • Any damage to the premises and furniture made available by Le Connecteur ;
  • Flagrant non-compliance with French or international legislation;
  • Transfer by the User of the rights arising from the present contract without prior written authorization from Le Connecteur.

In the event of immediate termination of the subscription by Le Connecteur for the reasons set out above, the User will still be obliged to :

  • Pay for any additional services provided;
    • Return your access badge;
    • Indemnify Le Connecteur against all costs, losses and/or damages, repairs, legal proceedings, ancillary expenses, etc. borne by Le Connecteur as a result of the fault committed by the User, and therefore directly related to a breach by the User, and all its consequences.

In the event of termination motivated by a fault on the part of the User, the security deposit stipulated in article 6.1 will be definitively acquired by Le Connecteur, as a penalty clause.


For all subscriptions to Le Connecteur’s offers, a joint inventory of fixtures may be carried out by Le Connecteur when the offices are made available and when they are returned on expiry of the contract for any reason whatsoever.

In the absence of an inventory of fixtures when a workstation is made available, and unless the User is informed without delay, the User will be deemed to have found it in perfect condition.

Damage to the premises and common furniture and/or to the space and furniture made available to the User beyond normal wear and tear, as well as the removal of an object or item of furniture, will be invoiced to the User in addition and deducted from the security deposit (cf.6).

In particular, any use that does not comply with the rules set out in these GCU/CGS and in the Internal Regulations, which the User declares to have read, will be considered as abnormal.


6.1 Security deposit

A deposit of ONE (1) month’s subscription (at the current full rate) will be required on subscription, payable by SEPA direct debit, bank transfer or credit card (CB) via the dedicated payment platform.

The User’s access to the Premises is conditional upon payment of the aforementioned security deposit before the first day of access to the Premises.

It will be returned to the User (except in the event of termination as provided for in article 4.5 hereof) when the subscription is terminated, after the User has checked out in accordance with the inventory of fixtures (article 5), returned his access badge and paid all invoices owed to Le Connecteur.

6.2 Billing

Each monthly instalment corresponding to the subscription chosen by the User is due on the last day of each month.

Payment of the first instalment is prorated to the number of days elapsed between the subscription date and the last day of the current month.

Depending on the type of offer, the User, i.e. the administrative contact of the legal entity having subscribed to the offer, has access to all his invoices in the dedicated application reserved for him.

The User may also consult the “Invoices” tab on Le Connecteur’s dedicated platform to find out the total amount owed to Le Connecteur, or contact the Coworking department([email protected]) to obtain information about his invoicing.

Depending on the type of offer and the nature of the reservation, the User may receive an invoice by email to the contact address provided when purchasing the service online.

All prices detailed in the appendix are exclusive of tax. VAT at the current rate will be added.

6.3 Method of payment

At the time of subscription, the User will transmit his payment details to Le Connecteur so that the monthly subscription payments can be made by SEPA direct debit, bank transfer or credit card (CB) from a bank account domiciled in the euro zone.

The User should prefer to pay either by SEPA direct debit or by credit card via the dedicated payment platform.

For each payment made, the User is notified by confirmation e-mail. Payment of the monthly fee may also be verified by the User in the account manager under the “Invoices” tab on the dedicated platform or any other space provided for this purpose, as well as with the Coworking service [email protected].

6.4 Late or non-payment

Any delay or default in payment will be notified to the User by registered letter or extrajudicial document.

In the absence of regularization within eight (8) days from the date of first presentation, the remaining sums due will be subject to an increase equal to three (3) times the legal interest rate for late payment costs, in addition to the application of a flat-rate indemnity of forty euros (40) per invoice for collection costs; access to the Premises will be suspended, and the contractual relationship will be terminated immediately without further formality.


The User acknowledges that, under the terms of the contract, he does not benefit from any right of ownership or use of Le Connecteur’s brand and sign. Consequently, he/she shall refrain from using them in any way and for any purpose whatsoever, unless he/she has been specifically authorized to do so by Le Connecteur, beforehand and in writing.

Le Connecteur’s Intellectual Property includes :

  • The trade names, trademarks, slogans, logos, design, distinctive signs, images, photographs, content and any other element of identification of Le Connecteur ;
  • Photographs and illustrations of all or part of a Le Connecteur property, in particular the premises where Le Connecteur provides its services.

Any representation, reproduction, partial or total exploitation of the elements of the Intellectual Property of Le Connecteur by any process whatsoever, without the prior written authorization of Le Connecteur would be likely to constitute an infringement, within the meaning of articles L335-2 and following of the Intellectual Property Code.

Access to Le Connecteur’s Premises and services does not confer any right to the User on Le Connecteur’s Intellectual Property elements.


When using the services offered by Le Connecteur, the User expressly acknowledges and accepts that :

  • Browsing the Internet is the sole responsibility of the user. Le Connecteur is in no way responsible for the use made by the User of his own computer equipment or equipment made available by Le Connecteur, for his behaviour on the Internet, for the sites he consults, for the information or writings he accesses via his Internet navigation, nor for the information or writings he transmits on the Internet;
  • In the event of non-compliance with the rules set out in these GCU-CGS or non-compliance with current French and international legislation, Le Connecteur may freely exclude the User from its services without the possibility of reimbursement or compensation;
  • He must personally ensure that all his computer equipment is protected against viruses and other attacks. Le Connecteur reserves the right to disconnect the User’s computer equipment and suspend access to Le Connecteur’s services if it considers that the equipment or software used by the User is not or is no longer suitable for connection to Le Connecteur’s network;
  • It is not permitted to breach the security of systems or the Internet;
  • He/she may not use Le Connecteur’s Internet service for the purpose of attempting to breach, successfully or unsuccessfully, the security of a network, service or any other system (prohibited activities include, but are not limited to, the following: hacking, penetration, spying on or unauthorized use of systems, port scanning, denial-of-service attacks, distribution of viruses or any other malicious software). The Connector reserves the right to suspend any User’s Internet access upon receipt of notice of such abuse from an Internet authority or Internet service provider;
  • He is solely responsible for all his personal belongings, including any documents and equipment he brings into the Premises, which are under his sole supervision. Le Connecteur is not responsible for any theft of goods or data belonging to the User and occurring in the Premises and Le Connecteur cannot be held liable in this respect;
  • He is solely responsible for his badge or any other access or identification device to the Premises (hereinafter the “Access Devices”) for the duration of the subscription, and the User undertakes to return the Access Devices to Le Connecteur at the end of his subscription, including in the case of a subscription to the Poste Flex offer;
  • He is solely responsible for the confidentiality of his password and the security of his access device, and if necessary, undertakes to warn Le Connecteur, via the address [email protected] of any attempt to use his access devices.
  • By signing the present CGU-CGS, you agree to abide by all the provisions of the internal regulations (IR) appended hereto. By accepting these terms and conditions, the User acknowledges that he/she has read them and undertakes to comply strictly with them, without being able to invoke his/her own terms and conditions.
  • Any object lost by the User and not claimed will be delivered, without delay, to the municipal police of the city of Biarritz.

The Connector does not guarantee the availability of Internet services in the Premises and cannot be held responsible for any bug, breakdown or any other malfunction resulting from a case of force majeure.

In the event of a breakdown or malfunction of the Internet network services, Le Connecteur will do its best to repair the problem within 24 hours. If the duration of the breakdown or malfunction of the Internet network services exceeds fifteen (15) calendar days, the User reserves the right to terminate the Subscription by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt, which will take effect eight (8) days after presentation of this letter, if the breakdown or malfunction that gave rise to the termination request has not been remedied in the meantime.

The Connector declines all responsibility for any loss of documents, damage or impairment of the User’s computer equipment installed in the Premises. More generally, Le Connecteur cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage suffered by this equipment, for any reason whatsoever.

Nor shall Le Connecteur be liable for any indirect damage suffered by the User, arising from or resulting from the loss of service or the degradation of the Internet connection/access, nor for any direct damage resulting from the use of all services by the User.

The Parties agree that Le Connecteur, as principal, will be liable for any damage caused to the User by the negligence or carelessness of its employees and any third-party company (including service providers and subcontractors of Le Connecteur) working in the Premises, including in particular cleaning, security, maintenance, upkeep or janitorial services, duly demonstrated by the User.

Any deterioration by the User of the Premises or of the equipment and furniture installed in the Premises and made available to the User will be billed to the User. In addition, the Connector reserves the right to claim any damages for the purpose of repairing the damage caused and its consequences, in addition to the Connector’s retention of the security deposit paid by the User.


Each User must provide proof of his or her membership of a multi-risk professional policy, or at least Civil Liability insurance, on the day he or she enters the Premises, and at any time upon request by the Connector. The User undertakes to provide the Connector, for the entire duration of his contract, via the address [email protected], with any new insurance certificate once the previous one has expired.

Each User undertakes to check that his employees, team members and any other person invited to the Connector premises are covered by a valid insurance policy.

The Connector reserves the right to terminate the subscription if the User is unable to provide proof of valid insurance upon request.

The User expressly and irrevocably waives any recourse against Le Connecteur or Le Connecteur’s insurer, in respect of any accident or theft that may occur in the Premises as well as during the use of the gym made available to him/her and/or participation in the sports sessions provided by outside contributors, and to which he/she freely decides to access and/or attend.

The Connector cannot be held responsible in any way for these activities.

All occasional users of Poste Flex or the meeting rooms certify that they hold professional or personal liability insurance covering any damage they may cause on the premises.


Unless otherwise instructed in writing by the User to the coworking email address : [email protected] with acknowledgement of receipt, the latter hereby gives a tacit mandate to Le Connecteur, who accepts it, to receive on his behalf any mail or parcel (including registered mail with or without acknowledgement of receipt) intended for him.

Simple letters are stored by the hosts/hostesses in the storage areas provided for this purpose. Larger parcels (up to 7kg or 40 x 27.5 x 19.5 cm) will also be delivered to the addressee.

The hosts/hostesses will inform the User by any means of the receipt of a letter or parcel, which must be collected during the opening hours specified in the Internal Regulations.

Mail or parcels that remain unclaimed 15 days after receipt and notification to the User may be returned to the post office, if applicable, at the expense of the User who has not collected them.

The User releases Le Connecteur from any responsibility in case of loss, theft or deterioration of a letter or parcel, including upon receipt by Le Connecteur.

The User acknowledges and accepts in particular that Le Connecteur cannot be held responsible for the state of delivery of a letter or parcel and that it will not verify the contents upon receipt.

In the event that the User opts out of this service, Le Connecteur reserves the right to refuse mail and parcels outright without any liability whatsoever.

The mail and parcel reception service is limited to Users with an active subscription. It is not available to Users who have opted for the “Poste Flex” offer.

The mail and parcel delivery service does not constitute a direct debit contract.

The direct debit service is the subject of a separate complementary contract between Le Connecteur and the User governing, in particular, the terms and conditions for the delivery or transfer of mail at the rates in force.


11.1 Personal data

Within the framework of its relationship with the User and the provision of its services, Le Connecteur is likely to collect personal data from Users, and in particular the following data: Email address, First and Last name, Postal address, Date of birth, Country, Telephone number, Bank details, Vehicle registration.

The processing of this personal data is carried out in accordance with the applicable regulations, in particular European Regulation 2016/679, known as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and national provisions relating to information technology, files and freedoms.

The Connector collects Users’ personal data for the following purposes, among others:

  • Accès au bâtiment et aux espaces de travail ;
    • User account creation ;
    • Provision of services ;
    • Invoice tracking and management ;
    • Response to any questions/complaints from Users ;
    • Responding to requests from financial security organizations ;
    • Gestion des impayés et du contentieux né d’une violation des présentes et/ou du règlement intérieur ;
    • Screening procedure as a subsidiary of a financial entity;

Users’ personal data may be processed by various Le Connecteur departments, in particular the sales, operations, customer experience and coworking departments.

The Connector ensures that Users’ personal data is adequately and appropriately secured and has taken the necessary precautions to preserve the security and confidentiality of the data and in particular to prevent it from being distorted, damaged or communicated to unauthorized persons.

The User’s personal data collected in the context of the present contract is processed as necessary for its execution. It may also be used to comply with regulations such as those concerning the fight against money laundering and the financing of terrorism.

The User’s personal data is kept for the duration of the present contract, plus any applicable statutory limitation periods.

The person responsible for processing personal data is Alexia FRAY.In accordance with the French Data Protection Act, Users have the right to access, rectify, delete, oppose and port their data by contacting Alexia FRAY ([email protected]). Any complaint may be lodged with the Cnil(www.cnil.fr).

Where telephone contact details have been collected, the User is informed of the possibility of registering on the list of opposition to telephone canvassing provided for consumers (article L. 223-1 of the French Consumer Code).

The User acknowledges that the personal data provided by him/her to Le Connecteur are valid, complete and up to date. The User undertakes not to infringe on the privacy, image or protection of personal data of any third party and therefore not to communicate to Le Connecteur the data of third parties without their consent.

The User undertakes, on pain of termination of the subscription, to inform Le Connecteur in writing at the address: [email protected], within 72 hours of any changes in his situation and in particular: bank references for the monthly direct debit of the subscription, e-mail and telephone details, number plate in the case of access to the private parking lot, and in general, any statutory changes, and in any event, to comply strictly and without interruption with these general terms and conditions, and in particular with article 14 below.

In the event of subcontracting of services by The Connector, The Connector undertakes to ensure compliance with this clause by its co-contractor.

11.2 Privacy policy

The Connector and the User undertake to treat as strictly confidential all information communicated during the negotiation, conclusion and execution of the subscription or any Service orders.

Such information remains the exclusive property of the disclosing party.

Each of the parties undertakes to :

  • Not to divulge this information to third parties without the prior and express authorization of the other party;
  • Use confidential information only in connection with the subscription and/or the provision of services, and consequently refrain from making any use thereof for its own account;
  • Ensure the protection of the information contained in the documents entrusted to it by its co-contractor by taking all appropriate measures, particularly with regard to its employees;
  • To ensure compliance with these obligations by any service providers and subcontractors.

This obligation of confidentiality is binding on both parties for the duration of the contractual relationship and for two (2) years following its termination.


The Connector reserves the right to suspend (temporarily or permanently) access to its services and to the Premises in all cases of force majeure, in particular due to political instability, strike, natural disaster, epidemic, pandemic, confinement decreed by the State, or any event meeting the conditions of force majeure as defined by the jurisprudence of French and European courts.

In the event of temporary suspension, monthly payments may be suspended for the same period, but for no more than three (3) consecutive months. Thereafter, the contractual relationship may be unilaterally terminated at the initiative of either party, without notice or compensation to the other party.


The present CGU-CGS constitute a contract for the provision of services between Le Connecteur and the User.

Its purpose is to provide a range of logistical and office automation services. The User acknowledges that the contract does not constitute a professional lease, a commercial lease, an emphyteutic lease or a domiciliation contract, and that it does not confer any property rights in his/her favor on the space(s) made available to him/her and, in general, on his/her access to the Premises.

Furthermore, the present contract is concluded intuitu personae in consideration of the person of the User having subscribed or ordered Services. When subscribing, the User will therefore be asked to provide proof of his legal existence (Kbis extract, summary of his actual activity, identity card, etc.) and, where applicable, the rights to his visual identity (protected trademark, logo), in addition to a civil liability insurance policy.

Consequently, any transfer of the present contract and any subletting of the workspace or parking space is forbidden without the prior written consent of Le Connecteur.

The Assignee, duly approved by The Connector, will be deemed to have accepted, without reservation, the present general conditions and all its appendices, in particular, the internal regulations and safety instructions.


The User undertakes, in all his professional activities, to comply strictly with the regulations relating to the countries or territories covered by a global sanctions program adopted by the European Union, the United States or the United Nations in such a way that Le Connecteur cannot be disturbed in any way whatsoever.

To this end, Le Connecteur reserves the right to refuse to provide services to a person who is politically exposed to particular risks or to a natural or legal person affiliated with a politically exposed person (family members, beneficial owners or close business ties), i.e. to persons considered to be particularly exposed to money laundering because of the functions they perform.

In the same way, access to the Connector may be refused if it is established that the prospective User is engaged in a risky activity, particularly in terms of money laundering, terrorist financing, fraud or image risk, violation of environmental regulations, or if his country of origin is considered a risky country by financial regulations or identified as such by the intergovernmental body, the Financial Action Task Force (FATF). The list of countries and activities identified as at-risk countries at the date of this document is appended. It will be updated as necessary.

The Connector may request the prospective User to provide all supporting identification documents required to examine his or her application and, if necessary, refuse to enter into a contract if the User’s activity is deemed to be risky.


Le Connecteur reserves the right to mention the User’s name and brand as a reference in the strict context of its commercial prospecting, external communication and advertising. This right includes the reproduction by Le Connecteur of said elements as well as the associated logo on its physical and digital media.


Any dispute relating to the interpretation or execution of the present CGU-CGS is subject to French law.

In the event of a dispute concerning the validity, interpretation or execution of the present CGU-CGS, and in the absence of an amicable agreement between the parties, the dispute will fall under the jurisdiction of the French courts, within the jurisdiction of the Court of Appeal of PAU.


These General Terms and Conditions and their appendices, as well as the documents referred to herein, are expressly approved and accepted by the User, who declares and acknowledges full knowledge thereof, and thereby waives the right to rely on any contradictory document, in particular his own general terms and conditions of purchase, which shall be unenforceable against the Connector, even if he has knowledge thereof.

Biarritz, January1, 2024

For the Connector For the User Gilles SIXOU

For the Connector
Gilles Sixou
General Manager



A. Services (included)


A. Activities of politically exposed persons

B. Risky activities

The following activities are considered to be at risk, particularly in terms of money laundering, fraud or image risk:

  • Nightclubs ;
  • Associations likely to support terrorist activities ;
  • Arms companies and intermediaries in the arms trade ;
  • Companies running risks of environmental degradation and unable to provide the required administrative authorizations;
  • The people :
  • Cannot be identified for lack of conclusive identification documents;
  • Refusing to provide the information requested in the context of customer knowledge ;
  • Applying to open an account but not appearing to be acting on his own behalf (e.g. foreign trusts);
  • Accounts operating on behalf of third parties, without a mandate from them;
  • Trusts;
  • Foreign Affairs ;
  • Night bars ;
  • Casinos, gambling or coin-operated recreational games (e.g. pinball, billiards, etc.), betting;
  • Public relations and communications consulting;
  • Sports clubs with professional players, sports agents ;
  • Construction of military vehicles ;
  • Horse sales ;
  • Diamantaires/lapidaires ;
  • Buying/selling gold ;
  • Office domiciliation (rental/service) ;
  • Cultural education, Cultural center ;
  • Manufacture of knitted fabrics ;
  • Manufacture of steam generators (except central heating boilers) ;
  • Elaboration and transformation of nuclear material ;
  • Cast iron foundry ;
  • Coinage;
  • Social housing for drug addicts ;
  • Art dealers, second-hand goods dealers, antique dealers ;
  • Political parties (except election campaign accounts), associations and companies ;
  • Oil and related activities ;
  • Waste treatment/recovery, scrap dealers ;
  • Financial intermediaries, brokers, money changers ;
  • Amusement or theme parks (rides, games, shows), or leisure parks;
  • Private security (cash-in-transit, investigators).

C. Countries at risk



Le Connecteur, a SAS with capital of 13,519,843 euros, registered with the Pau Trade and Companies Register under number 883 661 373, and headquartered at 121, chemin de Devèzes 64121 Serres-Castet, offers premises containing private or shared workspaces and associated services, designed to free entrepreneurs from the constraints of hosting their business.

The premises covered by these Internal Regulations are located at 45-47, avenue du Président J. F. Kennedy, 64200 Biarritz (hereinafter the “Premises”).

These internal regulations are intended for users of the premises and services. It forms an inseparable whole with the GENERAL CONDITIONS OF USE AND SERVICES otherwise established. Acceptance of these Internal Rules by Users automatically implies acceptance of Le Connecteur’s General Terms and Conditions of Use and Services, just as acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions of Use of the Services automatically implies acceptance of these Internal Rules.

The User undertakes to use the Premises for strictly professional purposes. The Connector reserves the right to refuse access to any person using the Premises for purposes other than those mentioned in the CGU-CGS.

In any event, the User undertakes to comply with the rules set out below when using the services offered by Le Connecteur.

Rules of etiquette

Users agree to abide by the basic rules of community conduct, including but not limited to:

  • Do not make excessive noise in any of the premises, and limit noise levels to what can be tolerated in a community;
  • Keep all areas provided clean and tidy;
  • Not to cause any disorder that could interfere with the proper conduct of the activities of each User;
  • Do not behave in an aggressive, insulting or harassing manner towards other Users on or near the Premises;
  • Dress correctly and appropriately and, in particular, refrain from displaying any external signs, especially religious ones, that would be in violation of current French laws, or, in particular, likely to harm the collective professional environment.
  • Do not bring animals onto the premises, with the exception of animals accompanying people with disabilities;
  • Not to bring into the Premises, for any reason whatsoever, any objects or merchandise with a view to offering them for sale, except with prior agreement, and/or within the framework of his main professional activity as defined in his contract with Le Connecteur ;
  • Not to organize, without the authorization of Le Connecteur, collections, subscriptions to services or commercial canvassing in any form whatsoever;
  • Do not distribute or display newspapers, leaflets, flyers, printed matter, petitions, signs or any other promotional, ideological, religious and/or political propaganda. Any dissemination of information in the Premises must be validated by the Connector teams;
  • Any person who behaves in a violent, racist, xenophobic, sexist and/or discriminatory manner on the premises is liable to the penalties laid down in the French Penal Code.


  • Do not bring flammable, explosive, corrosive or oxidizing materials into the building;
  • Do not bring individual electrical equipment of any kind (kettles, small kitchen appliances, individual heaters, air purifiers, etc.) into the Premises, except with the express agreement of the Connector teams in special situations;
  • Do not obstruct interior or exterior glass panes, either totally or partially; do not obstruct the lowering of electric blinds, and do not store anything against windows;
  • Do not block doors with objects such as fire extinguishers;
  • Respect and keep in good condition the equipment provided for their work;
  • Do not smoke, whatever the substance or medium, or use electronic cigarettes on the premises;
  • Not to introduce (without the prior agreement of Le Connecteur teams), distribute or consume alcoholic beverages on the premises, with the exception of products offered by the catering facilities included in the premises and occasional entertainment and events authorized and/or organized by Le Connecteur;
  • Do not enter or remain in the Premises in an intoxicated state, and do not store or consume alcoholic beverages in the office premises;
  • Do not introduce or consume illegal substances;
  • Do not activate the green and red ice-breaker buttons if the situation does not require it. For example, the green ice-breaker buttons must not be used to open doors; buttons or badge readers are provided for this purpose.


  • Not to introduce strangers into the Premises, with the exception of occasional visitors such as prospects, customers or suppliers who must be accompanied by the User, and at all times placed under his responsibility; any visitor invited and accompanied by a User of Le Connecteur must be identified and obtain a visitor’s badge at reception. Outside public opening hours (including holidays and weekends) no outsiders (=public) will be admitted. The badge must also be returned to reception before leaving the building.


  • Do not occupy shared areas such as “Phone boxes”, changing/shower rooms or rest rooms for more than thirty consecutive minutes;
  • Take good care of the premises and the areas made available to them, without modifying or damaging them;
  • Not to appropriate objects, documents, materials or any other movable property made available in the Premises, belonging to Le Connecteur or to other Users;
  • The lockers in the sports locker room, cycling locker room and reception area (open-access lockers) must be emptied every day. These lockers are not allocated and must remain open-access;
  • All lockers: do not store perishable goods;
  • Ensuring reasonable use or occupancy of eating and relaxation areas;
  • For formal meetings or interviews, use the meeting rooms provided for this purpose. Shared dining and relaxation areas are places that users must be able to enjoy at all times, and whose tranquillity/confidentiality cannot be guaranteed under any circumstances;
  • Not to modify the configuration of the various shared technical equipment, in particular the layout of furniture, screens, video projectors and other audio-video conferencing equipment in meeting rooms and creative rooms, and to keep them in a satisfactory state of cleanliness. A logistics team has been set up for this purpose. When booking a room, special requests can be made. Le Connecteur’s team will specify its feasibility to the User and configure the location if necessary;
  • Waste sorting: make sure you follow the building’s waste sorting instructions and the instructions on the various garbage cans and collection containers;
  • The gym has its own health and safety regulations, which you must read before using the facilities.


  • Do not eat lunch or snacks of any kind in offices or open spaces;
  • Breakfasts or snacks of any kind in meeting rooms must be requested in advance from the Sales department, and are subject to a specific cleaning service;
  • Peñas and herbal tea rooms are areas where meals, snacks and drinks can be consumed;
  • Refrigerators for Café Working users: please keep them clean. Evacuate all foodstuffs unfit for consumption, and do not store unlabeled foodstuffs. Cleaning crews may remove any item that does not comply with these rules;
  • Return any crockery borrowed from the bar or café working after use. It is forbidden to leave these dishes in the penas or other work areas;
  • All items of personal crockery must be cleaned and stored in the cupboards or storage space provided or in the personal lockers, failing which the cleaning teams may remove them and take them to the washing-up area of the Café Working ;
  • Le Connecteur makes cutlery, napkins and bread available to residents in the Café Working, in particular for users of the Foodles service and as a back-up for residents bringing their own meals. However, they are encouraged to pay for their own meals and equipment.


  • Underground parking lot entrance: all vehicles, including two-wheelers, are forbidden to enter through the exit barrier;
  • Parking lot users are bound by the Highway Code and traffic regulations. Observe a reduced traffic speed of 10km/h in the parking lot;
  • Two-wheeler parking: respect the different bike and motorbike/scooter parking spaces. Bicycles and scooters must be parked in the designated parking area and under no circumstances brought into shared or work areas;
  • Use of parking lots: visitor spaces are reserved exclusively for one-off use or for events. Be sure to respect the wall displays at each location. The places allocated to residents are rented on a monthly basis and are therefore nominative. Regular access to the Connecteur parking lot can only be guaranteed if you have a subscription with the sales department;
  • Respect the cleanliness of the forecourt: only bicycles and scooters are allowed to park (skates, rollers and other motorcycles or scooters are prohibited).

Safety rules

The User undertakes to comply with the safety rules imposed by Le Connecteur and all persons responsible for ensuring safety in the Premises and to abide by any internal rules in force that may be imposed by Le Connecteur, communicated to Users by any means, whether in terms of health, safety, fire prevention or any other matter.

The building is guarded outside public hours by a security guard, and the premises are equipped with an alarm system whose activation and/or deactivation is managed by the Le Connecteur team.

We are open to the public from Monday to Friday, from 7:30 am to 7:30 pm. Outside these hours, the security guard is empowered to refuse access to anyone who is not authorized to enter or who does not comply with the above rules.

Access to the building and parking lot is forbidden between midnight and 5 a.m. to any resident or user.

The access badge (badge and lanyard) issued to users by Le Connecteur is strictly personal and nominative. It is therefore forbidden to lend it, even occasionally.

In the event of loss, please notify Le Connecteur immediately at [email protected]. Lost or broken badges will be billed at the current rate.

This will give you access to your workspace, but will not have all the functions of your initial badge (e.g. access to lockers, gym access, etc.). This loan badge must be returned to reception every evening before 7.30pm until a new name badge is issued.

Video protection

The user (and by extension his employees, guests, etc.) is hereby informed and accepts that the corridors, common areas and approaches to the Premises are subject to continuous video recording and that they will be filmed for the purposes of safety and security of goods and persons.

This video protection system has been authorized by the prefecture.

These videos are managed in accordance with the relevant regulations.

The recordings may be consulted by persons in charge of the administration and security of the Premises, as well as by police forces in the event of an incident taking place in the Premises.

Rules governing computer hardware

When using his own computer equipment on the Premises, the User undertakes to comply with the regulations in force concerning :

  • Respect for the privacy of others in accordance with article 9 of the French Civil Code;
  • Compliance with the provisions of the French Intellectual Property Code, particularly with regard to counterfeiting;
  • Compliance with the rules of public order concerning the content of information that may be put online on the Internet, which may harm the integrity or sensitivity of network users by accessing provocative messages, images or texts;
  • The security of the activities carried out via its computer equipment, in particular by ensuring that the equipment is regularly updated;
  • The secrecy of correspondence and the prohibition of communications by telecommunications.

When using the services provided by Le Connecteur, the User also undertakes to :

  • Not to harvest or collect information about third parties without their consent;
  • Not to defame, disseminate, harass, stalk, threaten or violate the rights of others;
  • Do not create a false identity or impersonate another person;
  • Do not attempt to gain unauthorized access to any service and/or data and/or file;
  • Not to distribute or allow to be downloaded any elements containing software or other elements protected by Intellectual Property rights, unless it owns said rights or has received all necessary authorizations;
  • Do not send unwanted messages and do not spam;
  • Do not send any message containing abusive, defamatory, obscene, indecent, illicit or infringing rights, in particular human rights and the protection of minors;
  • Not to transmit viruses, Trojan horses, or any other programs that are harmful or destructive to third parties and/or other Users;
  • Not to gain or maintain unauthorized access to an automated data processing system;
  • Not to disrupt the services and/or content and/or data accessed;
  • Do not send chain letters or offer snowball or pyramid schemes;
  • Not to post or put on line sites that are contrary to French legislation, including those of a violent nature, inciting hatred or violence, pornographic or paedophilic, or advocating illegal practices or discrimination, or of a nature that undermines sensitivity, integrity and human dignity.

Biarritz, January 01, 2024

For the Connector
Gilles Sixou
General Manager


Safety instructions

Updated on 01.01.2024



baril attention

N’encombrez pas les paliers, les circulations, les sorties de secours, les portails.

Ne stationnez pas aux endroits non prévus à cet effet.

Laissez libres les voies pompiers.



alarme incendie
En cas d’incendie, appuyez sur le déclencheur manuel rouge à proximité.

Luttez contre le départ de feu avec les extincteurs à proximité.

appel de secours

Appelez les sapeurs pompiers. 18 ou 112 ou 114

  • Ou faites appeler l’accueil
  • Ou faites appeler par l’agent de sécurité SSIAP présent à l’accueil
fumée attention

N’entrez jamais dans la fumée.

fumée se mettre au sol

Toutefois, si vous êtes dans la fumée,
mettez-vous un mouchoir devant le nez.
Baissez-vous, l’air frais est près du sol.


En cas d’alarme incendie, cessez immédiatement toutes vos activités.

Evacuez les lieux sans paniquer.

Rejoignez le point de rassemblement.

ascenseur attention

Evacuez toujours par les escaliers.

N’utilisez pas les ascenseurs.

Si vous le pouvez, aidez les personnes en situation de handicap

Si vous pouvez évacuer par vous-même


Vous ne devez en aucun cas rester dans l’espace d’attente sécurisé.

Vous devez immédiatement évacuer le bâtiment.

Si une personne non valide est dans l’espace d’attente, vous devez signaler sa présence aux services de secours.

Si vous le pouvez, aidez-la à évacuer.

Si vous NE pouvez PAS évacuer par vous-même

Gardez votre sang froid.

Manifestez votre présence par les moyens mis à votre disposition (téléphone, alarme…).

sortie pmr

Dirigez-vous vers l’espace sécurisé et ne le quittez plus. Attendez les services de secours.

Rappelez aux personnes valides de signaler votre présence aux services de secours.

Si elles le peuvent, demandez-leur de vous aider.


Fermez les portes du lieu sinistré, sortez par l’issue la plus proche.


Respectez les consignes données par l’équipe d’évacuation.




Si l’incendie ne vous permet pas d’évacuer sans vous mettre en danger, restez au niveau où vous vous trouvez, fermez la porte de votre bureau, mouillez-la, et bouchez les interstices de la porte avec du linge humide.


Manifestez-vous à la fenêtre, si possible celle munie d’une pastille rouge autocollante au R+1 et au R+2, ou dans des endroits aérés au R+3 et au R+4 en attendant l’arrivée des pompiers.


Colis suspect

En cas de découverte de colis suspect

colis suspect

Ne le touchez pas.

déclencheur alarme incendie

Isolez-le et appuyez sur un déclencheur manuel rouge pour lancer l’évacuation du bâtiment.

alerte sécurité

Alertez immédiatement l’accueil (en journée) ou l’agent de sécurité (nuit et week end) et les services de sécurité en composant le 17 ou le 114.


Les entreprises résidentes doivent prendre les dispositions nécessaires afin d’être en règle avec le cadre réglementaire de la formation à la sécurité régi par le code du travail.

History of general terms and conditions of use and services :

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