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A Media Serving the Region

In a rapidly changing world, where the economy is thriving outside major cities and regions are showcasing their talents, audacity, and reinvention, the need for a tailored media platform has become evident.

A Magazine

Audace, our quarterly information magazine, gives voice to those who work and create value in the regions they have chosen to settle.

With news, reports, profiles of entrepreneurs, and lifestyle pages, Audace magazine highlights the actors shaping the regions.

le média magazine audace
arantxa ça reste pas entre nous

An Original Podcast

‘Ça reste pas entre nous’ (‘It Doesn’t Stay Between Us’) is our podcast series that goes beyond surface appearances and offers a fresh perspective on leaders, entrepreneurs, and personalities from here and elsewhere.

Hosted by Arantxa Biscay, these interviews delve into the journeys of prominent business figures.

Our first guests include Guillaume de Blic, CEO of Lacoste Europe; Manuel Mallen, co-founder of Maison Courbet; Bruno Witvoet, former president of Unilever France and Africa; and Paul Carite, General Manager of Crédit Agricole Pyrénées Gascogne.

A Blog on Future Work Trends
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